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Quality Systems Engineering

 A history of solution innovation and attention to detail has placed Loy Instrument, Inc. at the top of the process control and heating markets. We take pride in the fact that we have been ISO Certified since 1997.

     Providing customer solutions is a lot more involved than just providing components. That's why each control panel and pipe train we build is thoroughly tested and re-tested to ensure the designed specifications have been satisfied prior to shipment.

     Loy Instrument, Inc. is also one of the few facilities that can replicate and test a customer's electrical scheme for both control panels and pipe trains. This helps to guarantee minimal installation and start-up time. Value engineering and application engineering are the cornerstones to customer satisfaction. Whether it is industrial process control, custom engineered systems, or component modification, Loy Instrument, Inc. leads the way in low-cost, value-engineered solutions. The wide array of products distributed by Loy allows for unique economical solutions to some very challenging applications.


Spec View

SpecView is SCADA for people with other jobs. Features include:

  • Pre-built instrument view database
  • Log process parameters
  • Graphical user interface to visualize process
  • Spreadsheet log reports
  • Multiple operator stations
  • Password security protection
  • Recipe management

Batch data reporting

And much, much more!



Features include:

  • Client/Server architecture over ethernet
  • Point sizes up to 2,000 points
  • Two graphic displays builders
  • Standard Batch Reporting
  • Online configuration
  • Hundreds of display templates

       And much, much more!

Trend Server

     The TrendManager Pro Software Suite consists of a number of software packages that build on each other, allowing the user to select exactly the capabilities they require. These include TrendViewer Pro, TrendManager Pro, TrendServer Pro, TrendServer Pro with an OPC Server and a Database Management Tool.