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Products - Line Card

Industrial Measurements & Process Controls

Industrial & Commercial Thermal Solutions
Burners & Valves For Industry
Pressure Regulators, Controls

Valves & Sensors
Digital & Analog Temperature Controls
Dial Thermometers, Pressure Guages, Transmitters
Digital Test Instruments, Kane -May Combustion Sensit gas Analyzers
Industrial Control Valves
Damper Acutators & Control Valves
Plumbing and Heating Products
Timers, Counters & Proximity Switches

Instrumentation Valves
Boiler Controls, Flow Switches & Liguid Level Controls
Evolutionary Calibrators
Made in the USA
The next generations of Panel Meters
Electrical Flame Safety Equipment
Burners & Valves For Industry
Gas Safety & Control Equipment For Industrial Gas Fired Systems

Scada software for people with other Jobs
Gas Pressure Regulators & Flowmeters
Flame Safeguard Controls & Burner Management
Digital & Analog Panel Meters & Controls
Ignition & Control Transformers
Non Contact Thermal Detection (Infra-Red Thermal Couples)
Pressure Temperature, Flow Measurement Products
Heating Elements, Controls, Power Control Products
Portable Combustion Analyzers, Temperature & Humidity Instruments
Gas Valves, Controls, Electronic Air Cleaners
Humidity and Temperature Transmitters

Flow Sensors
Gas Pressure Regulators & Flowmeters
Digital test Equipment
High Performance Boilers