Tech Tuesday!!!

Tech Tuesday!!!

Starting on 4-21-20 Loy Instrument, Inc will be conducting on-line training every Tuesday for 30-minute sessions. Customers who want to gain additional knowledge in process controls and combustion are welcome to attend. These classes will be conducted by Jeff Burger who has over 29 years in experience with both process control and combustion. Throughout these training sessions Jeff will be joined by industry specialist as well as our vendor partners.
If you are interested in attending these classes please send an email to Roger Stephens at or visit our training page.
Here is a detailed agenda for each class:

  • UV Detection: (April 28th)
    • Operations of the UV Detector and Tube Design
    • Applications
    • Sensing Tube Types
    • Detector Sighting
    • Amplifier Selection
    • How to Apply UV Detectors
    • NFPA Codes on UV Detectors
    • Checklist for Applying UV Detectors
  • Honeywell UDC Controllers: (May 5th)
    • Understanding Model Number Selection
    • Basic of UDC Controller Operations
    • Simple Programming
    • Troubleshooting-Error Messages
  • Honeywell HC900 Modular Controller: (May 12th)
    • Hardware Overview
    • Software Demonstration
    • Technology Overview on Honeywell Modular Controls
    • Hybrid Controls vs PLC
    • Applications
  • Turtle Tough PH Measurement: (May 26th)
    • Company Background:
      • Turtle Tough Pty Ltd is an Australian company that designs and develops sensors for liquid analysis for the world’s toughest applications.
      • Turtle Tought is a world leader in the development of electrochemical sensors for hydrometallurgy applications.  Turtle Tough has dedicated years to perfecting measurement solutions in the refining and extraction of gold, copper, nickel, uranium and zinc.  Turtle Tough has also engineered time tested solutions for titanium dioxide production, ammonium nitrate, solvent extraction, and industrial wastewater applications.
      • Through science and ingenuity, advances in materials and years of specializing in tough applications Turtle Tough has overcome many of the physical, chemical and human challenges that each application presents.
      • Whatever the application, Turtle Tough sensors provide superior reliability, lower maintenance, less drift, better accuracy and above all, the lowest cost of ownership.
    • What is PH and ORP Measurement
    • Troubleshooting Techniques
    • Turtle Tough Series PH Probes and Technology Overview
  • Schubert & Salzer Process Control Valves: (June 2nd)
    • Company Background:
      • Schubert & Salzer offers a multitude of control and actuated valves for a wide variety of process industries. These valves serve a variety of disciplines where durability, precision and value are important.
      • Schubert & Salzer is a part of everyday life; whether it be production of chemical or pharmaceutical products, food & beverage processing, production of plastics, rubber, steel, paper, textiles or simply heating & cooling campus’s or buildings Schubert & Salzer products play a vital role.
      • The global market expects highly developed and engineered products that encompass the “Made in Germany” label. Schubert & Salzer delivers on this theme and exemplifies excellent response and delivery, highly functional products that are competitively priced, completing a full circle of value.
    • Process Steam and Water Control Valve Applications
    • Electric Vs Pneumatic Operations
    • Schubert & Salzer Company Info
    • Schubert & Salzer Valve Offering
    • How to Prevent Valve Cavitation using Sliding Gate Valve Technologies
Loy Instrument is committed to training our customers and supplying them with solutions not product. Training is an important part of our solution set at Loy Instrument.

You can download our printable brochure here.