Loy Instrument, Inc. Combustion Stock

Loy Instrument, Inc. Combustion Stock

Loy Instrument, Inc. Combustion Stock
Loy Instrument, Inc is the Honeywell-authorized Combustion Solutions Distributor for industrial and commercial applications in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. This gives us the opportunity to bring you direct support for Honeywell flame safeguard and burner control systems. Several popular models of Honeywell burner controls Fireye®, Kromschroder, Eclipse and Maxon are available from Loy Instrument, Inc. stock. 
In the 1930s, Fireye® offered the first commercial/industrial electronic flame safeguard control, a photoelectric device designed to detect the presence of an oil flame in less than a second.
As high technology won acceptance in boiler rooms and plants across the country, Fireye®expanded its product capabilities. During World War II and after, Fireye® developed a wide variety of sensor technologies that found their way into innovative flame safeguard devices. By the early 1950s, Fireye® products had become an integral part of modern controlled combustion systems.
Fireye's pioneering tradition includes development of infrared scanners that monitors both gas and oil flames, scanners that discriminate between signals from adjacent burners, and the creation of a completely solid-state programming control. Fireye® set new standards recently with a micro-processor-based, auto diagnostics program that communicates in five different languages.
Continuing its history of innovation, Fireye® has introduced the next generation of industrial multi-burner flame scanners. Based on a built-in microprocessor, the revolutionary Signature Scanner™ series collects data about flames in three dimensions.
Loy Instrument, Inc currently has available stock in Fireye flame safety, scanners and accessories.
As an industry leader since 1916, MAXON products set the standard for industrial combustion equipment.
MAXON is a worldwide manufacturer of industrial combustion equipment such as gas burners, oil burners, valves, and combustion systems with manufacturing facilities in the United States, Europe and Asia.
Loy Instrument, Inc. serves you by providing the entire range of MAXON products and services. In addition, we have the capability to package complete systems, including start-up assistance and service, when a turnkey installation is your preference.
MAXON's commitment to quality is as follows:
"To completely meet or exceed our customers' expectations each and every time."
As an ISO 9001:2000 certified facility, MAXON worldwide ensures the most consistent, highest quality products in the industry.
Maxon's full line of industrial burners and combustion equipment includes gas burners, oil burners, gas valves, shut off valves, flow control valves, and low NOx burners. Maxon products are designed to blend durable, reliable products with the best technologies to provide clean, safe, and efficient heat to help make your operation successful.
Maxon Burners
Loy Instrument, Inc is currently stocking several size burners for your process heating needs which include the Kinemax and OvenPak Burners. These burners can be tailored to meet your control requirements.


Maxon and Eclipse Accessories
Loy Instrument, Inc also stocks all your burner and gas train accessories such as burner sleeves, filters, ignitors, flame rods, CV Butterfly Valves, and Linkage Kits.
Maxon Safety Shutoff Valves
Loy Instrument, Inc stocks Maxon Shutoff Valves with single and dual auxiliary switches with proof of valve closure switch. Maxon valve sizes in stock range from ¾” to 6” with a variety of configurations.

Honeywell Flame Safeguard
When you think of Honeywell Flame Safety Components you think reliable, safe and flexible. Honeywell has been providing these components to the commercial and industrial markets for many years. Honeywell was the first manufacture to develop a practical means of detecting a flame electronically; and in the early 1930’s marketed an electronic system using a flame rod and what is known today as a flame conductivity circuit. Loy Instrument, Inc covers your needs for all Honeywell flame safety components along with all the accessories. Current Flame Safety stock include models such as:

  • RM7838
  • RM7890
  • RM7895
  • RM7897
  • RM7840
  • RM7800
  • RM7823
  • RM7898
In addition to the Flame Relays we currently stock accessories such as amplifiers, displays, reset modules, purge timers, and wiring bases.
Elster Kromschröder is the primary brand stocked and sold by Loy Instrument, Inc. No other brand on the market is as committed to safety, quality, and reliability, making Kromschröder the #1 choice of industry professionals and combustion technicians worldwide.
Kromschröder's commitment to safety is as progressive as the products they manufacture. Approvals are maintained to satisfy a broad range of national requirements, including UL, FM and CSA, which are those most commonly required for installations in North America. SIL ratings are now listed in many product documents, preempting the future of safety ratings for combustible gas products in the US and abroad.
Kromschröder products are subjected to rigorous quality control standards, and all valves are tested prior to shipment, to help ensure proper operation upon arrival. Constant product innovation means that you remain at the forefront of the industry, and a commitment to product support and reverse compatibility allows you to keep your system running at peak performance for years before making the decision to upgrade to the latest platform.
Kromschröder products are among the most reliable money can buy. Valvario solenoid valves boast an extremely high operating cycle rating, something that is necessary for pulse-fire systems, in order to avoid constant, and costly replacements. Kromschröder controls, such as the BCU or IFD, typically run well beyond their life expectancies, but when replacements become necessary, most of the time this can be accomplished without rewiring.
And Kromschröder burners are known throughout the industry for their ability to light reliably, time and again.
Loy Instrument, Inc specializes in Kromschröder equipment for the North American Market, though we can supply European Standard equipment as well. A wide variety of products are available and in stock, from pressure switches, pressure and ratio regulators, solenoid valves and gas filters, to BCU, PFU, and IFD 258 burner controls, as well as pilot and main burners.