Introducing The New Honeywell UDC 2800

Introducing The New Honeywell UDC 2800


  • ¼ DIN Size
  • 2 Universal Analog Inputs
  • 0.15% Accuracy
  • Fast Scanning Rate (100ms)
  • Up to 4 Output Types
    • Current Proportional
    • Slidewire Position Proportional
    • 3 Position Step
    • On-Off/ Time Proportional
  • 2 Digital Inputs
  • Transmitter Power
  • Math Functions
  • Carbon Potential
  • Setpoint Programming (8 programs with 8 Segments)
  • Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP and RS485 Modbus
  • Bluetooth Configuration and Diagnostics on Mobile Device
  • NEMA4X and IP66 Front Face Protection
  • 2 Alarm Outputs
  • Jumper Free Configuration
  • Duplex Output Control
  • 4 Sets of PID Tunning Constants
  • Aux. Output
  • Timer Function
  • Cyber Security
  • Thermocouple Health Monitoring
  • Fuzzy Logic
Honeywell has a long history of providing state of the art single loop PID loop controllers. This history extends back to the 50s and in the 60s when Honeywell introduced the 1st PID controllers called the Dialapak and Dialatrol control.
In the late 80’s Honeywell introduced their first digital UDC ¼ DIN controller which quickly became the industry standard.
These controllers have been the cornerstone in many industries including heat treat, aerospace, food, steel, paper, wastewater, and chemical processing plants. Honeywell had several releases of these UDC controllers over the years always maintaining the core functions and programming so that the customer did not need to learn a new controller. With the release of the UDC2800 Honeywell has kept many of the standard features we have all come to love such as programming matrix, wiring, autotune and communications. This makes converting to the UDC2800 very simple for those customers who have these in their plants. Honeywell understands the importance of building a controller which has full backward compatibility. The UDC2800 has the same wiring terminals as the UDC2500 and UDC3200 controllers. This makes it easy when installing the replacement UDC2800. Honeywell has even gone to the extent of enabling the UDC2800 to use the old UDC2500 and UDC3200 cases. This feature allows the customer to pull the old UDC from the case and insert the new UDC2800 reducing any down time associated with switching out the controls.
Several enhancements over the UDC2500 and UDC3200 include the following:
  • 8 Setpoint Programs with 8 Segments each (Link SPP to give you a total of 64 segments)
  • Bluetooth communications using Honeywell free Easyset App
  • 100ms scan time creates better reaction time to process disruptions
  • 10-character display help accommodate AMS2750F guidelines
  • TFT Display allow better visibility of PV, SP and Output
  • Analog Input Accuracy 0.15%
  • 0-120 Digital Noise input Filter
This controller is built for ease of use and precise process control. The information from the controller is placed at the fingertips of the operators and maintenance personnel. Call today to talk with one of our Sales Specialist at Loy Instrument to help convert your UDC2500 and UDC3200s to start taking advantage of the UDC2800 capabilities.
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