HC900 Heat Treat

HC900 Heat Treat

The Honeywell HC900 control system is versatile and can be applied to various processes in a
heat treat plant. Here are some specific applications where the HC900 excels:
1. Furnace Control:
  • Batch Furnaces: Precise temperature control for uniform heating and cooling cycles. Ideal for processes such as annealing, tempering, and carburizing.
  • Continuous Furnaces: Managing conveyor speeds and zone temperatures to ensure consistent treatment of materials passing through the furnace.
 2. Quenching Processes:
  • Controlling quenching media (water, oil, or polymer solutions) temperature and flow rates to achieve the desired cooling rates and material properties.
3. Annealing:
  • Managing the controlled heating and cooling cycles to alter material properties like hardness and ductility.
4. Tempering:
  • Ensuring precise temperature control to reduce brittleness after hardening processes.
5. Carburizing and Nitriding:
  • Controlling atmosphere composition, temperature, and timing to diffuse carbon or nitrogen into the surface of steel, enhancing hardness and wear resistance.
6. Vacuum Heat Treating:
  • Precise control of temperature and pressure in vacuum furnaces to prevent oxidation and achieve high-quality surface finishes and mechanical properties.
7. Solution Heat Treating:
  • Accurate temperature control for processes like aging treatments in aluminum and other alloys to enhance mechanical properties.
8. Stress Relieving:
  • Uniform heating to relieve internal stresses in materials without altering their overall structure.
9. Heat Treatment of Castings and Forgings:
  • Controlling temperature profiles for homogenizing, normalizing, and other treatments to refine grain structures and improve mechanical properties.
10. Curing and Drying Ovens:
  •  Managing temperature and airflow in ovens used for curing coatings or drying materials.
11. Control of Protective Atmospheres:
  • Regulation of gas flows and compositions (e.g., hydrogen, nitrogen, argon) in controlled atmosphere furnaces to prevent oxidation and decarburization.
12. Monitoring and Control of Auxiliary Equipment:
  • Integrating control of ancillary systems such as cooling towers, heat exchangers, and recirculation fans.
13. Batch and Continuous Annealing Lines:
  • Comprehensive control of the annealing process in both batch and continuous lines to ensure consistency and quality.
14. Data Logging and Compliance:
  • Recording process parameters for traceability, quality control, and compliance with industry standards such as AMS2750 (pyrometry standard for thermal processing equipment).
15. Energy Management:
  • Optimizing energy consumption in heat treat operations by monitoring and controlling energy use, leading to cost savings and improved efficiency.
In summary, the HC900 can handle a wide range of heat treat processes, offering precise control, data logging, and integration capabilities to ensure high-quality outcomes, safety, and efficiency in a heat treat plant.