Automatic Timing & Controls

Automated Timing & Controls

ATC (Automatic Timing & Controls) is a manufacturer of timers, relays, electronic controllers, sensors, indicating and tower lights, counters, and other devices associated with automated machinery.

365 Timer

Superb Performance

For over 80 years, ATC has manufactured reliable control products. These high-performance products are engineered to provide accurate and repeatable operation in all types of industrial environments. ATC products play an integral part in countless industries; including food processing, plastics, packaging, metals, water treatment and many OEM applications. The ATC product family has expanded to include 1/16 DIN timers, panel-mounted timers, electromechanical timers, counters, solid state cube and plug-in timers, photoelectric laser sensors, and time delay relays (TDR). Loy Instrument stocks many ATC timers & counters, as well as Tenor, Diversified and Westcon product.

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