Honeywell Environmental & Energy Solutions

Honeywell Environmental & Energy Solutions:
From commercial building controls to commercial and industrial combustion all the way through residential comfort and combustion, Honeywell and Loy Instrument have you covered.  Some basic insight into our coverage includes:

Commercial Building Controls:
Unitary Controllers
Configurable and Programmable Zone Controllers
Standalone Controllers
Thermostats - Commercial
Energy Meters and SubmetersVariable Frequency Drives
Pneumatic Products
Installation Tools and Materials
Air Quality
Access and Video Systems
LAR Commercial Components
Commercial - Europe
Building Management Systems
Commercial Training and POP items
Dampers and Damper Actuators
Valves and Valve Actuators
Lighting Solutions
Commercial Switches and Timers
LCBS Connect


Commercial / Industrial Combustion:
Burner Controls
Boiler Controls - Commercial
Firing Rate Motors and Linkages
Flame Detectors - Commercial
Industrial Flame Monitoring
Fuel/Air Ratio System
Gas Valves
Hydronic Controllers - Commercial
Ignition Transformers
Integrated Panels
Limits and Controllers
Network Communications
Pilot Burners - Commercial
SOLA System
FSG Testers and Demonstrators
Reset Temperature Controllers
FSG Miscellaneous Parts


Residential Comfort / Combustion:
Combustion Controls
Electrical Components
EnviraCOM Remote Access
Hydronic Heating
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
Non Safety Control
Potable water products
Radiant Heating Controls
Security Cameras
Zoning - Forced Air