Cleveland Electric Labs

Cleveland Electric Labs

World class thermocouple manufacturing since 1920.
Cleveland Electric Laboratories is a family-owned business that has been serving their customers since 1920 by proudly providing top-quality products, excellent customer service and exceptional attention to critical details. From the earliest days of servicing electric meters for the rail industry to our current complete line of thermocouple product offerings and advanced technologies, Cleveland Electric Laboratories always has placed the highest importance on serving the needs of customers while focusing on quality, efficiency and integrity.

Loy Instrument field experts and inside sales / customer service representatives are well-versed in the complete line of Cleveland Electric Labs thermocouple products as well as their many applications and configurations. Loy Instrument can provide these Cleveland Electric Labs products and services to companies in the steel, aerospace, investment casting, non-ferrous metals, heat treating, glass, ceramics, plastics, rubber and petrochemical industries, as well as to OEMs.

Thermocouples manufactured by Cleveland Electric Labs include M-I (swaged) sensors ranging in diameter from 0.010″ for strict response time demands to 0.750″ for harsh manufacturing conditions. Other configurations include alloy tubes up to 1.5″ NPT, various ceramic tubes, silicon carbides, and platinum or platinum/rhodium sheathed for extreme temperatures in atmospheric conditions.

Cleveland Electric Labs also manufactures high performance thermocouples for vacuum furnaces, hot isostatic pressing, and other heat-treating applications, as well as platinum-coated and platinum thimble designs for the molten glass/fiberglass industry.

Other products include insulated wire for thermocouple, survey and extension applications, RTDs, thermowells, metal and ceramic protection tubes, and thermocouple component items. One of Cleveland Electric Labs special areas of expertise is the efficient handling of noble metals, such as platinum and rhodium, required in the manufacture of thermocouples.